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Dont ever forget who your Master is


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The Fantasy
This picture is how a slave might wank off thinking about his Castration, where as the picture below is how a Sadist thinks about Castration.

How the slave wants to be castratedThis is one ultimate power kick.
The fantasy always seems to follow the same path, for the slave there is "fuck all he can do about it", and those that do it to him are powerful and potent.

There is a massive sense of control here, I can think of a number of Masters who have fantasies where they emasculate their slaves. Either in a mater of fact way or gratuitously.

  • Either tearing  the slaves balls off with a knife and feeding then to a pack of baying guard dogs. The fantasy is usually in a Nazi Concentration camp, the slave is a jew, and the dogs are the mad guard dogs that have an obvious far higher value than the slave

  • Treating the slave like an animal and neutering him.

  • Clinical operation at the Vets. This can also wrap into other aspects where the Vet (doctor/nurse/medical) operates on the slave in other ways such as inflating the ball sack, or putting in implants.



This Artist/Top has another view of Castration methods. His Site tends to be possibly 'extreme'. One guy that mastered my was wanking of thinking of doing just this to me.
Stuff that happens in people heads can be real sick, sicker the better. Often in the head is the only place for it, as it either cannot be physically done, or you end up in a court action.

How the Master wants to castrate a slave



This is a dead horny fantasy for a slave, the start of it occurs as soon as you hold his balls in your hands with a firm grip. If he does not know who is in charge from that moment, a sharp twist or tug will remind him.
There are many bondage techniques that relate to this


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