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Slave Gear

* CumControl
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more like thisFor the most parts dogslaves are naked except for their collar.
However it is good to see slaves in gear, it keeps them in the right frame, just where you want them.
This is a selection of what I get off on, however this is not meant to be prescriptive.
Some of these images are liked back to the reference site so you can see more pictures like them.
If you have some favourite pictures of master or slaves in gear that you think should be listed here, please send then to Pics
18 days of Training ^more like this
The choice is wide enough, to keep you slave locked in gear that will keep him on heat so that he will perform well is a good choice. I like to see my slave looking like a horny little cunt that is always pleased to see me.
Nice to see him naked with his cock jutting out in front, or in some army pants with a wet patch by is cock.
For the most part its good to reinforce his mind set, to firmly anchor him is the slave space.
Further Examples ^
... more to follow
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