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 Urethra Piercings

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Erotic peircing to control and erectionThis example is a little more drastic, sure does the job if all the other methods fail!
This show a little more long term commitment. If he is for his Master for life this is an option, or if it is an internal view. However, all things change and you may not have that Master for ever, you may not always feel that way for ever. There are considerations of what can be "undone" if needed.

Nice level of control but personally I am not into mutilation/Modifying a slave in this way. There are others which takes the form of a steel rod, that loops around the balls (and is secured there), in the end has a pool balls attached that is pushed into the anus and so stabilises it, the other is like a sound for the cock to travel down as it is curved much as the one here. I have seen this coupled with a cock cuff to ensure there is no chance of it slipping off.

That device is not something that I would have on a slave unattended, as you can imagine possible leverage on the Urethra with metal could do damage you would not bare thinking of or responsible for.
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